Suction Holder For Eye Replacement

In terms of sterile use, people should not touch their prostheses as much as possible. The use of a prosthesis holder is a useful method in terms of dust and hygiene in the removal and fitting of the eye prosthesis, and it provides the users with a more comfortable, easy and clean procedure.

  Prosthetic Eye Attachment Procedure

1.Vacuum by touching the cornea of the prosthesis. First, place the upper part of the prosthesis by slightly lifting your upper eyelid.

2. Push your prosthesis inwards from the eyelid with light movements. When the upper part of the prosthesis is placed, place the prosthesis by pulling the lower eyelid down and pull the prosthesis holder.

    Prosthetic Eye Removal Procedure

1. Open your eyelids wide. Squeeze the handle of the denture holder and touch the cornea of your denture to vacuum.

2. Pull the lower cover down and remove your prosthesis by moving the prosthesis up.