ERC Group, whose foundation was laid in Ankara in the 2000s, is taking fast and determined steps towards becoming one of Turkey's leading private sector representatives with its successful past until today.

About Erc Sağlık

ERC Sağlık, which has adopted a customer-oriented service approach in the field of health in our country, was established in 2000. Our company has pioneered quality production by being among the firsts of the sector regarding ophthalmic products in Turkey, and also exports its products to many countries of the world. With our age being the age of speed, communication, the fastest learning, with the aim of creating respected brands on a world scale, with its experienced and expert staff growing day by day; In line with the demands from the sector, necessary investments were made in production, biomedical solutions and prosthetic eye production and activities were started.

Our company is always based on the principles of customer satisfaction, quality, trust and efficiency, and applies extremely strict quality control standards in all areas in which it operate. We are constantly renewing ourselves with a recycling system above world standards and we continue to walk confidently towards our goal of becoming one of the leading global powers in the field of health.


Onlıne Catalogue


Being one of the leading ophthalmology companies in Turkey, our products include Phacoemulsification as a Device Group, Operating Microscopes, Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Biomicroscopes, Projection Charts, Chart Projectors, Autorefractometers, Autorefkeratometers, Javal Keratometers, Digital Phopters, A/B Scan Biometries, Applanation Fields, Visual Tonometers Lensmeters, Pupilmeters, Ophthalmoscope and Retinascopes, Pachymeters, Eyeglass Trial Boxes and Eyeglass Frames, Skiascopy Rulers, ENT Examination Microscopes, Ophthalmic Units, Phaco Handpieces, Vitrectomy Probes, Technical Service, PMMA IOL Lenses as Consumables Group, Hydrophobic Lenses and Hydrophilic Foldables Lens Fold Cartridges, Viscoelastics, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate Viscoelastics, Methylcelluloses, MVR, Cressent, Slit Blades, Cannulas, Sponges, Drapes, Fluorescein Paper, Shimer Test Papers, Ophthalmic Angle Blades, Ophthalmic Sutures, Trypanic Tubes, Silicones, Punktum , decalin As the Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument Group, we have approximately 1050 kinds of products with the Asico Brand. As the Contact Lens Group, we have a wide range of product lines such as Transparent, Colored Moisture Contact Lenses and Plano Contact Lenses, Pediatric Contact Lenses, Toric Lenses, Bifocal Contact Lenses, Contact Lens Solutions.


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